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When my wife and I started researching builders to build our dream home, we found that there are a number of builders to choose from. I hope this review provides you with some insights on why Gersh is an excellent choice.

You will not meet a more transparent and genuine person. Gersh provided my wife and I with his insight and opinions based on a lifetime of building experience. He also had the guts to express to us when he thought we might be heading in the wrong direction on something. Building a home is a process, don't fool yourself. Gersh made the process as simple and straightforward as it could have been. From meeting with the bank to ascertain construction financing to taking drawings and ideas and evolving them into building plans within budget, Gersh made it easy. Being in the construction industry for the past twenty years myself, I absolutely appreciated the transparency in the numbers and knew from the moment the foundation was poured until the final cleaning of the project. We were kept up to date and knew exactly where our budget was. IMPORTANT NOTE: There are builders out there who agree to an original budget only to surprise homeowners with a final supplement and/or change order charge. While our project did go over budget, it was well explained in advance and was the doing of some small upgrades my wife and I made along the way.

Another important aspect of a Salisbury Home is the building quality of the project. Gersh builds homes to his standards, and they are very high. Before going with Gersh I investigated a number of current builds he was completing, as well as, spoke with past clients he had completed projects for. All were impressed by the quality of the homes. 

Finally, my wife and are elated that we went with Salisbury Homes. Gersh made the process as painless and enjoyable as could be. The best compliment I can pay Gersh and his production crews is that my wife and I are often in awe that we have a home that not only lived up to our expectations, but far exceeded them. If you want any further information, please don’t hesitate to ask Gersh how to get in touch with us.

                                                                                                                                                -Rob and Karen H.

We had a house built by G. Salisbury & Assoc., Inc. in 2014.  Gersh Salisbury came highly recommended and furnished us with numerous references.  The people we spoke with all had good things to say about Gersh’s quality and workmanship in the building of their homes.

​Gersh sat down with us and went over the entire home build and the costs included.  This was a cost-plus job and we came in under budget.  All the subcontractors used were very professional and of high quality.  He also directed us to a local bank which made financing a very smooth process.

Gersh’s dedication to the quality of work is exemplary.  He watched over his subcontractors to ensure all work was being done to his qualification and the homeowner’s wishes.  If he found something not up to his high standards, he would make them redo the work.

The final inspection for Certificate of Occupancy was passed on the first review.  From the time the plans were approved from the City, our 4500 square foot home was completed in less than five months.

We would highly recommend Gersh to anyone needing a home built or any remodeling done.

                                                                                                                                           -Kevin and Debbie B.

At G. Salisbury & Assoc., Inc. we take great pride in our work and the final product and it shows with our customer reviews. You can ask any of our customers about our timeliness and quality and everyone of them will tell you we excel above the rest. If you choose us, we are happy to give you our references so you can hear it from our past customers.

Here's some testimonial from a few of our customers:

Gersh built our home in 2016 and we are still in awe every time we open the door and step inside. Gersh's attention to detail are what make his builds stand out from the rest for years after they're done. It feels like we just moved in. He has decades of experience building custom homes and it definitely shows. Just ask any of his former customers. My wife and I were able to take a peek at other homes Gersh had built to see the quality and the reactions we got from his former customers were amazing. They were so impressed with his work and so excited for us to have Gersh build our home. That type of experience is definitely what you what when picking a contractor.

                                                                           -Brennan J.

Gersh is an extremely thorough and competent contractor. He was upfront and honest from the start. His designer worked with us efficiently through emails, and we came up with a perfect design. Gersh kept us informed every step of the way through permit process, foundation, framing, etc. If any issue came up, he contacted us immediately and we worked through it. This was a blessing as we lived out of state. Every one of his subcontractors are masters of their craft. We never had to worry about poor construction.
Our home, garage, and barn are beautiful and we couldn't be happier. Thank you Gersh.

                                                                                 -Dori S.

I had Gersh do a kitchen remodel on my home which included removing a wall to make it an open concept kitchen, dining, and living room. ​Remodeling can be very expensive and I was very appreciative to receive great quality of work for a fair price.

                                                                                 -Jack E.

In 1996 I was living in the Chicago area, but after the death of my husband my goal was to move back to Indiana to be closer to my family.

I contracted Gersh Salisbury to build my 3rd new home. He drove nearly 250 miles to finalize this project, taking on an emotional widow. He was very sensitive to my needs in the house along with working steadily to meet a deadline for me. 

Gersh  is very particular in his building, dow to the smallest details. In the three homes I've had built, this is one is structurally the best, having no problems.

                                                                             -Susan C.